I wanted be a fireman, policeman, pro athlete, etc. You know...


Around age six or so "Let 'Em In" by Paul McCartney reached, grabbed, and locked me in forever. Enter ABBA, Queen, Aha, Def Leppard, John Williams, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Tom Waits, Claude-Michel Schönberg, Iron Maiden, Beethoven, Philip Glass, Danny Elfman, David Bowie, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The Head And The Heart, and hundreds and hundreds of others--they all drew me in and held me tight, never to let go. Over time came the realization that the specific genre of a music meant little to no difference to me. Good music was (and still is) good music. 

For many moons I would have just died to have only one thing: to be a rockstar. I'm not sure why that path, but, well...there you go. At the time, that's what seemed to be the ultimate musical journey. And so I wrote and performed with that prize in mind.

So, here I am today. I don't seek or need the "star" part of all this anymore. Farewell to dreams of performing under rock & roll lights. I'll let others take on that burden. Yet the love and fire for music still burns--more than ever. For me it feeds the soul in a way that nothing else can. 


As with any long movie, the story doesn't end here. My meandering in music over the years has landed me in the enviable position to create multi-faceted digital media for my production work, BYU-Idaho, BYU-Pathway Worldwide, and other CES entities and clients. Though my production career started with audio and music production, it has evolved over time to include film production, photography, graphics, compositing, utilizing all standard production tools available. Yea, I still write and release some pop/rock/folk songs under the pseudonym Desert Will--it's a part of my DNA, but there is so much more that I want to do with all of this. I love art. I love to create art. I love to create art that is useful and has a purpose. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do all of this.

So...what more can I say? I create stuff. Some of it isn't too bad. Hope you'll give it a shot.

-Brian Randall Carter