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Transmission From Orions Belt


Shot out like an arrow t'ward the center of the sun
As fast as I could fly to be with you
And sure enough the green men from the bottom of the moon
They caught me, locked me, left me here to rust

I think of when we swam with starfish 'round Orion's Belt
Your golden hair shown brighter than the sun
And you said you were mine and I was yours through space and time
And we looked to the day when we'd be one

Trapped inside this prison, I watched starflies shimmer by
And take with them my days and years with you
Then purple men from Pluto came and saved me from this place
And killed all of the green men they could find

I shot out in my rocket ship to search the worlds for you
And found you're with a Star Force Capitan
And that you have a son there where you live on Planet 5
And like me he's a wringer at starball...
And that I've lost you

So I raced back to the moon to punish the green men
But there were none left but orphans and wives
I looked at them, they looked at me, we all sat down and cried
And I walked a space mile in their shoes

I dreamed of you last night and the day we were finally one
But then I woke alone deep in the sky
So when you see a shooting star along Orion's Belt
Just know that it is I and
I am always thinking of you

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