Brian Randall Carter's Desert Will is brings to life the spirit of Southeastern Idaho’s high plains desert. The Indie Folk/Rock band draws on elements of Americana, Alternative, Indie, Rock, Film Underscore, and other like genres. Carter's hope is that the lyrics and music can bring some sort of beauty and light to a world embroiled in great turmoil.


In July 2016, Desert Will released Transmission from Orions Belt, inspired by a small-town boy’s nightly gazes into a limitless, starlit sky. Tracey Cureton (vocals, bass), Haley Hutto (vocals), Eric Nielsen (percussion), Dallin Tolley (bass), and Daniel Watkins (guitars) added a rich texture to the production. 

Brian Randall Carter will continue to write and collaborate with other musicians under the pseudonym Desert Will, but will be venturing into his own compositional works intended for use in film and other produced works. 

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Select Band Photos by Jenny Williams and Tori West

Album cover art by Tim Tanner

Background Images by Mike Robinson

© 2016 by Brian Randall Carter