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Last Highway Home


Touching down on Earth again

It's been sixteen years my friend

Since I last tasted of your air


Drifting down the moon-lit way

In my ’65 Galaxie

"Detroit Rock City" pounds the radio


And I ache for you at exit 21


I'm going home


Weaving Highway 33

Ahead lies Atomic City

And she drones right into fourth gear


Sliding down the driver glass

Think of days long weary passed

And that I still love you

Yea, I do 


And I ache for you, fly by mile marker 215


And at last I see, enchanting me, the hill…so still

Against the stars, that sleep so far, the breeze…the trees

Where my wonder sown, a child alone, did dream…of we 

and that such a man of desert land, could fly…so high


I hear your song shadow

(Lately, I have no care)

I'd give it all to show

(Fold me in red)

These paths my old shoes wear

(Touched down, and did you know?)

And breathe with you this air

(I breathe your air)


My gaze drifts down from the sky

As a flare catches my eye

And I may never look up again


‘Cause high beams sweep around the bend

It’s your '68 Trans Am

At last my sorrow crumbles

Hey, it’s you


And I ache for you, beholding lost years in your eyes

And I ache with you

Can we please gear down off this road?


Through this grove

Flank this knoll

We're almost home

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